XFS File Extension

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What is the .XFS file type?

The .xfs extension is mainly related to multimedia processing and is primarily associated with Sorenson Squeeze Filter Setting files (XFS). Such XFS files are used by the powerful commercial Sorenson Squeeze multimedia file converter suite to store audio/video default and custom filter settings to be applied during conversion. Squeeze XFS files are meant to be used from within Sorenson Squeeze only.

In online gaming, XFS files are used by Gunbound, an online anime-styled MMORPG (Massively Multiuser Online Role-Playing Game) by SoftNyx. Gunbound .xfs files are player-specific game profile, initialization and patch files downloaded from a game server by a player's client application. Gunbound XFS files are not meant to be directly opened by the user.

In micro-robotics, the .xfs extension is used to identify audio sample files intended for the eRacer (eRacer 16m) microcontroller-based programmable racing robot, available in both make-it-yourself kit and pre-built options from eLabtronics. Such XFS files may be accessible with the software bundled with eRacer (CoreChart, ezCircuit Designer, MPLAB).

Another occurrence of the .xfs extension is in external stylesheet files created and used by the ADEP Designer (Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform) commercial enterprise-level tool by Adobe Systems, Inc. External .xfs stylesheets enable efficient style application among a collection of ADEP Designer forms.

In Unix/Linux, the .xfs extension may be appended to filenames (e.g., 'mkfs.xfs') of commands and/or device drivers handling the XFS filesystem.

Software to open or convert XFS files

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