XLT File Extension

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What is the .XLT file type?

The .xlt filename extension represents the Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Template (.xlt) file format and type, with reference to the legacy releases of Microsoft Office, a very popular commercial office productivity suite by Microsoft. Excel is the spreadsheet component in Microsoft Office.

An .xlt file is an Excel 97-2003 workbook template. When the .xlt file is opened, Excel copies its contents into a new regular workbook (.xls), while adding a numerical index to the filename (e.g., "Template.xlt" generates "Template1.xls"). The original .xlt file remains unchanged. Templates (.xlt) can have password protection and are saved to the "%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates" folder by default.

Technically, the .xlt file is a normal Excel 97-2003 workbook (.xls) with a different extension. The XLS format belongs to the legacy family of the pre-2007 formats. Since Microsoft Office 2007, the new Office Open XML (OOXML) formats are adopted as default.

While all Microsoft Office releases can still open .xlt files, the use of this format should be avoided, with leftover .xlt templates converted into .xltx (OOXML).

Software to open or convert XLT files

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