DVR File Extension

Have a problem opening a .DVR file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what DVR files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .DVR file type?

The .dvr extension is an abbreviation of 'Digital Video Recorder' and denotes the DVR file type. Many video recording systems (either standalone, compact or infrastructural) use DVR as the main file type for their video files. However, the majority of such systems, esp. CCTV security surveillance systems, use non-standard closed file formats supported only by their proprietary software.

Thus, a .dvr file is a compressed (and often encrypted) digital video recording made by a DVR system and generally playable only by a player bundled with the recording/surveillance software. Besides a video stream (often MPEG-2/TS), DVR files can contain a metadata stream that defines key points and keeps date- and timestamps.

In most cases, a DVR file would not be directly playable in most popular media players, requiring either an additional codec or even a special player. DVR video footings cannot be directly converted into other formats. However, if a DVR file can be played, certain utilities allow capturing the corresponding video stream from the screen and saving it into a standard-format video file.

DVR should not be in any way confused with the DVR-MS digital video format by Microsoft.

Software to open or convert DVR files

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