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What is the .KIT file type?

The most frequent occurrence of the .kit filename extension relates to the Battery 1 Drum Sample Kit (.kit) file type and format. Battery 1 is the first version of the Battery drum sampler software by Native Instruments. Battery 1 used an XML file format for saving its drum sample kits, and so any Battery 1 .kit file is a regular text-based XML document.

Within the Battery 1 KIT format, actual sound samples (.aiff or .wav) are saved into a subdirectory named after the sample kit's name followed with "samples." A .kit file contains references to sample files inside that subdirectory. Later Battery releases use different drum sample kit formats (.kt2, kt3) that are incompatible with the Battery 1 (.kit) format.

With 20-20 Design, an easy-to-use CAD-class bathroom and kitchen design tool for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X by 20-20 Technologies, Inc., the .kit extension serves to denote the 20-20 Design Project File (.kit) file type and format. A .kit file is a CAD drawing prepared in 20-20 Design and saved in its native KIT format. KIT files can be opened in 20-20 Design (and possible other 20-20 software) only; from within 20-20 Design, any .kit design can be exported a range of other CAD formats.

Another occurrence of the .kit extension has to do with the Kit Source Code File (.kit) file type used with reference to the Kit language. Kit is a simple markup language invented by the author of the CodeKit web development tool (B.Jones) for Apple Mac OS X. A .kit file is a regular text file that augments the normal HTML markup with imports and variable substitution, inserted as HTML comments. KIT files are development-time files that are compiled into HTML (.html) by the Kit Compiler (open-source) integrated into CodeKit.

With reference to the Tcl/Tk programming environment, the .kit extension is assigned to Tcl/Tk Standalone Runtime Kit (Starkit) files. A starkit (.kit) is a container file with a directory hierarchy, Tcl scripts, compiled binaries, and other application data inside. The easiest way to run starkits (.kit) is to use a Tclkit runtime bundle, a complete custom Tcl/Tk runtime environment built into a single executable (basekit). On Microsoft Windows, a .kit application file can be launched by passing the .kit file as an argument to the "tclkit.exe" executable.

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