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What is the .CTP file type?

The .ctp filename extension primarily relates to the ChemDraw/ChemBioDraw Template (.ctp) file type and format. ChemDraw is a paid Microsoft Windows/Apple Mac OS X/iOS application by CambridgeSoft Corp. for drawing chemical formulas, interpreting reactions and compound properties, etc. ChemBioDraw provides the same functionality, but focuses on biochemistry.

The .ctp file is a ChemDraw template. In CambridgeSoft's proprietary format, it packages multiple pre-drawn vector chemistry-related images to be used in ChemDraw/ChemBioDraw drawings. ChemDraw templates (.ctp) can be directly opened in the Pro/Ultra editions only. Alternatively, any template (.ctp) can be placed in the "%SystemRoot%\Program Data\CambridgeSoft\ChemOffice20xx\ChemDraw" folder, to be made available in the standard ChemDraw/ChemBioDraw version along with its default templates.

Another occurrence of the .ctp extension has to do with the Crazy Talk Project (.ctp) file type and format. Crazy Talk is an advanced commercial facial modeling and speech animation tool developed by Reallusion Inc. for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. The .ctp file is a Crazy Talk project. It is a single-file container in a private format in which the current settings as well as facial model graphics are saved. CTP project files can be saved with model graphics as BMP (faster loading) or JPEG (smaller file size). Crazy Talk project files (.ctp) are not compatible with Crazy Talk Animator.

With reference to CakePHP, a free and open PHP Rapid Application Development framework from the Cake Software Foundation, the .ctp extension stands for the CakePHP View Template (.ctp) file type. A CakePHP template provides an HTML/XHTML web page skeleton. It is a regular text file with the basic PHP source code optionally augmented with Smarty or other templating shortcuts. CakePHP view templates (.ctp) are placed into controller-specific subdirectories of the "/app/View" directory, while the main view template resides in the "index.ctp" file. Several power text editors like Notepad++ provide syntax highlighting for CakePHP templates (.ctp).

Software to open or convert CTP files

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