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What is the .XPS file type?

The .xps extension belongs to the XML Paper Specification (XPS) file format and the associated file type. XPS was developed by Microsoft (MS), targeting the same goal as PDF and DJVU, and aiming to provide a universal means of creating and interchanging portable, compact and easily printable standard documents.

XPS allows to embed fonts and images, ensuring preservation of document design, supports DRM functions, encryption and digital signatures. XPS is an open standard by Ecma International (ECMA-388). Based upon XML, XPS is a subset of XAML.

An .xps file is an XPS document in the form of a ZIP archive that contains a directory structure, corresponding to the document's contents and holding all resources used by the document.

Windows 7/8 has out-of-the-box XPS support, including a virtual XPS printer, while users of earlier Windows OS'es have to install the MS XPS Viewer or MS XPS Essentials package. There are also alternative third-party XPS viewers for Windows.

XPS documents can also be opened by several document viewers on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Android as well as directly sent to XPS-enabled printers.

Software to open or convert XPS files

You can open XPS files with the following programs:
PDFlite by Amnis Technology Ltd
Corel PDF Fusion
Corel PDF Fusion by Corel Corporation
Hamster PDF Reader
Hamster PDF Reader by HamsterSoft

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