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What is the .BLUESTACKS file type?

The verbose .bluestacks filename extension is linked to the BlueStacks Android App Runner file type. This file type is registered and used by BlueStacks App Player, a freeware Android compatibility-layer application for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X that allows to run ("play") native Android applications (.apk). Android is the name of an immensely popular open OS for ARM-based mobile devices, backed by Google, Inc.

BlueStacks uses its proprietary "LayerCake" engine to run the ARM code on both PC and Macintosh platforms. BlueStacks is still a "beta" version in continuous development and testing.

A .bluestacks file is a binary file that contains data of an Android application that can be run with the BlueStacks App Runner utility (the "HD-RunApp.exe" file in the MS Windows version), part of the BlueStacks package. A .bluestacks file is not the same as .apk, as the .apk file is an Android application package that requires installation. Within BlueStacks, APK files are handled with the BlueStacks Apk Handler tool ("HD-ApkHandler.exe").

The .bluestacks file type is automatically registered and associated with BlueStacks App Runner during installation.

Software to open or convert BLUESTACKS files

You can open BLUESTACKS files with the following programs:
BlueStacks App Player
BlueStacks App Player by BlueStack Systems, Inc.
BlueStacks by BlueStack Systems, Inc.

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