CRYPT8 File Extension

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What is the .CRYPT8 file type?

The .crypt8 file extension denotes the WhatsApp Encrypted Database File (.crypt8) file type and format associated with WhatsApp Messenger, a popular freeware messenger application for mobile devices that runs on all major smartphone platforms such as Android or iOS. With WhatsApp, the .crypt8 extension is commonly appended to .db ('database') files to denote encrypted and protected databases storing chat messages sent and received via the app. By default, the resulting .dp.crypt8 files (in fact, one file named msgstore.db.crypt8) are stored in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases directory.

WhatsApp Messenger regularly updates its message encryption scheme to keep user data safe and sound and uses a new alphanumeric extension for each update: .crypt6 for the crypt6 algorithm, .crypt7 for the crypt7 algorithm, etc. Such protected databases can be accessed by WhatsApp Messenger upon the user's request or via WhatsApp Viewer using the right cypher key saved in the system storage.


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