YBTXT File Extension

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What is the .YBTXT file type?

The .ybtxt filename extension is definitively associated with the yBook (YBTXT) file type introduced and used by yBook. yBook is a free electronic book reader by Spacejock Software for Microsoft Windows. yBook has a minimalistic design with one- or two-page view modes.

YBTXT is used by yBook as the default file type for exporting (saving) e-book files. An .ybtxt file is a plaintext file that contains simple text pre-processed by yBook. The key feature are 'long' wrappable lines made by removing all line breaks (CR+LF) inside paragraphs, so that text in a .ybtxt book can be wrapped to match the viewing area size. Besides, YBTXT adds/retains some very basic HTML markup for simple formatting (bold, italics and underline).

YBTXT is suitable for long texts with simple formatting like large fiction titles. All .ybtxt files are saved in plaintext with no compression or encryption and can be viewed/edited with any text editor.

Upon installation, yBook registers its association with several file types, including YBTXT.

Software to open or convert YBTXT files

You can open YBTXT files with the following programs:
yBook by Spacejock Software

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