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What is the .3DC file type?

The .3dc extension has its primary association with the 3DCrafter/3D Canvas Scene (.3dc) file type/format. 3DCrafter by Amabilis Software is a commercial (with a free version available) 3D scene modeling tool for Microsoft Windows with an intuitive GUI and some powerful features. 3DCrafter succeeds 3D Canvas, a previous generation of the same software.

A .3dc file is a 3DCrafter project file. It contains references to all meshes, splines, surfaces, and materials that make up a 3D scene or object. In paid 3DCrafter versions, 3DC scenes can be exported to a number of other 3D formats. The 3DC file type should not be confused with 3DS (3D Studio MAX), as those are completely different formats.

With reference to bicycle sports, the .3dc extension is used in association with the CompuTrainer Bicycle Course (.3dc) file type/format. CompuTrainer by RacerMate is a stationary bicycle training unit and software that allows a cyclist to train-ride along pre-programmed 3D routes, with pedaling load matching the elevation and course scenery and progress displayed on the screen in real time.

A .3dc file is a self-contained 3D training course that can be ridden with CompuTrainer. 3DC is a proprietary format, and there are several tools that allow to create and/or convert .3dc course files (e.g., PerfPro).

Besides, the .3dc extension also associates with the iGO 3D Building Datafile (.3dc) file type/format used with reference to the iGO series of GPS navigation products by NNG. A .3dc file is a collection of 3D objects (buildings, etc.) that can be displayed on the map during navigation. In addition to 3DC, .3dl files are used for the same purpose, both types located in the "content/building" directory of the iGO installation root. Both .3dc and .3dl files are named after the main country map they belong to.

Another occurrence of the .3dc extension is related to the 3DCT Compressed 3D Scene/Object (.3dc) file type and format. 3DCT stands for 3D Compression Technologies and is the name of a proprietary data compression method, specifically targeting 3D models. A .3dc file is a compressed version of a 3D scene or object, generated with one of 3DCT tools. Any such .3dc file can be viewed with 3DCT Viewer, a freeware tool available both as a self-contained utility and a browser plugin.

Lastly, the .3dc extension can additionally be used as a label for generic point cloud files (.3dc). A point cloud is a stream of point coordinates obtained from a 3D scanner that follows the shape of a 3D object. Point cloud files (.3dc) may also have the .xyz extension and can be imported into, or visualized with many 3D modeling tools.

Software to open or convert 3DC files

You can open 3DC files with the following programs:
3D Canvas
3D Canvas by Amabilis Software
3D Rad
3D Rad by 3DRad.com

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