DC3 File Extension

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What is the .DC3 file type?

Primarily, the .dc3 extension is related to the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Image file format and the DC3 file type. There are other file types also associated with DICOM (.dcm, .dic). Developed by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), DICOM is the standard object-oriented container format for saving examination imaging data in CT, MRI, PET and other noninvasive diagnostics methods.

A .dc3 file is a DICOM image obtained as the result of a medical examination with the use of DICOM-compliant imaging equipment. It contains a series of individual scans ('slices'), extensive patient-, procedure-, and hospital-related metadata, etc. A number of free viewers are available to view DICOM medical examination images (.dc3 and other file types) outside medical establishments.

Alternatively, the .dc3 extension can come in association with the DesignCAD 3D ASCII Drawing (.dc3) file type/format. A major CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) application for MS Windows by IMSI/Design, DesignCAD 3D uses text-based (ASCII) .dc3 files to store textual description of complex 2D/3D bodies to be rendered with DesignCAD 3D. Besides DesignCAD 3D, DC3 files can be opened/imported in other CAD applications.

Besides, the .dc3 extension also serves as a label for the DOCFA 3.x Document (.dc3) file format/type. DOCFA (Documenti Catasto Fabbricati, Real-Estate Cadaster Documents) is the Italian real-property taxation system that allows submission of digitally-signed electronic assessment statements. A .dc3 file is a ZIP archive that contains compressed textual DOCFA data. DC3 files can be properly opened and processed with the DOCFA software.

With the RME DIGICheck audio recording/mixing studio (RME), the .dc3 extension denotes DIGICheck settings files (.dc3). Such settings files contain various settings and preferences for individual sections of the DIGICheck studio environment, such as Global Level Meters, Totalyser, Global Record, etc. There are default .dc3 files that can be used to restore broken DIGICheck settings.

Apart from that, the .dc3 extension serves as a label for 3D model files (.dc3) used by the CityGuide GPS navigation software. A .dc3 file contains descriptions of 3D models of buildings, cars, or other objects that can be displayed on the CityGuide navigation screen. DC3 files must have the same filenames, and be located in the same directory, as the respective CityGuide map files (.dcm).

Lastly, the .dc3 extension also denotes the Dialogic SPCI Code File (.dc3) file format/type. It is a proprietary binary format used to store the firmware code for a range of Dialogic DSI SPCI network interface boards, to be uploaded to the board at runtime.

Software to open or convert DC3 files

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