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What is the .CLO file type?

The .clo filename extension is primarily associated with the legacy proprietary IBM SPSS ChartLook (CLO) format and the respective file type. SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a large commercial cross-platform (Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac OS) data-mining and analysis software product by IBM. Among many features, SPSS is capable of presenting its data in form of interactive charts, using chart templates (.sgt, earlier .clo) to define chart appearance.

A .clo file is a legacy ChartLook file that could be loaded from within Chart Editor in SPSS and used as a template for new charts or applied to existing charts to change their look. A limited selection of .clo chart templates would be included with the SPSS software.

In current SPSS versions, the older CLO format is no longer supported, being replaced with the newer chart template format (.sgt).

In the realm of the open LaTeX typesetting system, the .clo extension denotes the Class Option (CLO) file type. In LaTeX, documents are structured hierarchically and semantically, while presentational aspects are controlled via document classes with class options.

Although most class options would be included in class definition files (.cls), there are standalone class option files (.clo) that modify behavior of otherwise defined classes. A .clo file is a plaintext file in the LaTeX syntax that can be edited with a text editor (with LaTeX syntax often highlighted in many editors for easier editing).

In 3D graphics, the .clo extension can be associated and used with the proprietary 3D Canvas (3DCrafter) Object Library (CLO) file type and format. 3D Canvas (3DCrafter) is an advanced commercial 3D modeling and animation tool (with a lite freeware version) by Amabilis Software for Microsoft (MS) Windows. CLO is based upon the MS Access database format. A .clo object library file is a standard MS Access Jet database with a collection of 3D objects usable within 3D Canvas (3DCrafter).

Software to open or convert CLO files

You can open CLO files with the following programs:
WinEdt by WinEdt Team
3D Canvas
3D Canvas by Amabilis Software

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