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What is the .X84 file type?

The filename extension .x84 belongs to the GAEB DA XML file format, denoting the GAEB DA XML Document (.x84) file type. GAEB DA XML is an XML-based format developed by the Joint Committee for Electronics in the Construction Industry (Gemeinsame Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen, GAEB) as a unified way to exchange DA84 (Datenart 84, Data Type 84) tender pricing information in construction. GAEB DA XML (.x84) has replaced previous, non-XML formats such as GAEB 90 or GAEB 2000. GAEB also commonly refers to the standard data exchange interface for electronically-administered construction tenders in Germany.

The .x84 file represents a DA84 bid made by a construction tender contestant in the GAEB DA XML format. In a hierarchical XML structure, the file contains itemized quantity, unit and total price data, with each item listed under its standard GAEB code (Ordnungszahl, OZ). Although any .x84 file can be directly opened and viewed as XML source code in a text editor, meaningful processing of such files requires GAEB-compatible software. GAEB programs typically allow to export GAEB DA XML files (.x84) to spreadsheet and other office formats.


Software to open or convert X84 files

You can open X84 files with the following programs:
GAEB-Konverter by T&&T Datentechnik GmbH
wingaeb xml
wingaeb xml by Schnittstelle BAU Susanne Tiedemann

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