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What is the .PLN file type?

Standing for 'Plan,' the .pln filename extension has its primary association with the ArchiCAD Solo Project (.pln) file type and format. ArchiCAD by GRAPHISOFT is a powerful commercial architectural design system with advanced BIM (Building Information Model) capabilities. PLN is a proprietary file format used natively in ArchiCAD for saving solo (standalone) project files.

The .pln file is a database that stores geometrical dimensions and properties of all objects included in the drawing. No objects are stored in the PLN file, but references to external object files (.gsm) are provided instead. For distribution purposes, ArchiCAD projects are usually saved in the PLA ('Plan Archive') container format (PLN project + object libraries). From within ArchiCAD, any standalone project (.pln) can be exported to a dozen other CAD and/or image formats, including DWG and PDF.

Another association of the .pln extension belongs to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Flight Plan (.pln) file type. Microsoft Flight Simulator X, commonly abbreviated as FSX, is the latest version of an advanced commercial flight simulation software by Microsoft, popular among aviation fans and real-world trainee pilots.

In FSX and earlier versions (e.g., FS9), the .pln file is a regular text file with a detailed breakdown of the suggested aircraft route. FS9 and earlier versions use an INI-like syntax for their flight plan (.pln) files, while FSX switched to XML. FSX can read both XML and non-XML flight plans (.pln).

There are numerous standalone and online tools for generating and editing FSX-compatible flight plans. On Windows 7, FSX saves its .pln files in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files" folder.

A short for 'Plugin,' the .pln extension also stands for the Adobe InDesign Plugin (.pln) file type and format. Adobe InDesign is a commercial desktop publishing software by Adobe Systems, succeeding the discontinued Adobe PageMaker. Adobe InDesign allows to extend its functionality through plugins placed into the standard plugin directory ("..\Program Files\Adobe InDesign ...\Plug-Ins" on Windows).

Here, a .pln file is an Adobe InDesign plugin module. Adobe InDesign attempts to initiate and load all plugins (.pln) found in the plugin folder. To be properly recognized and loaded, every Adobe InDesign plugin (.pln) must have its associated resource directory in the plugin folder.

Apart from that, the .pln extension also occurs in association with the PlanPerfect Spreadsheet (.pln) file type/format, with reference to PlanPerfect, the spreadsheet component of the commercial WordPerfect office suite by Corel Corp. PLN spreadsheets can be imported into several other spreadsheet applications.

Software to open or convert PLN files

You can open PLN files with the following programs:
Home Plan Pro
Home Plan Pro by Home Plan Software
ArchiCAD 18 INT
ArchiCAD 19 INT
MasterCook by Valusoft Cosmi

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