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What is the .FOT file type?

The .fot extension is expressly used to denote the Font Resource File (FOT) file format/type used in legacy Microsoft (MS) Windows operating systems.

FOT is a proprietary binary format based on the older NE (New Executable) executable format that was used with Windows 3.x. The initial purpose of the FOT format was to create pointers to TrueType (TTF) font files that could not be directly used by Windows 3.x. In later MS Windows versions (up to Windows XP), the FOT mechanism was supported and accessible via Windows API function calls (e.g., CreateScalableFontResource).

A .fot file is a small NE binary that basically contains references (absolute paths) to actual TTF font files to be installed/used. For a .fot file to be correctly processed, the associated .ttf files must remain at their initial location.

FOT files are temporary system files used for compatibility's sake only. Such files do not serve any purpose in recent MS Windows versions, and no application is associated with the FOT file type by default.

Software to open or convert FOT files

You can open FOT files with the following programs:
InfoZoom by humanIT Software GmbH
proALPHA Analyzer
proALPHA Analyzer by humanIT Software GmbH

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