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What is the .14 file type?

Most frequently, the ".14" numerical string occurs as a filename extension in connection with the Versioned Pro/Engineer Project file type. Pro/Engineer is the name of a series of sophisticated, powerful, and flexible CAD applications by PTC, diversified to meet specific design requirements of many technology-reliant industries and applications.

Pro/Engineer applications use a versioning system for their project files. A versioned project file is a backup copy of the current project, made before any changes are actually committed to it. Such versioned backups are assigned sequential numerical extensions. So, a .14 file is the fourteenth version of a Pro/Engineer project file. Pro/Engineer versioned backups retain the same internal format as normal project files.

Apart from that, the ".14" string may also either appear or actually become a filename extension without reference to any file type. This can happen if a filename contains a tailing dotted numerical section (.14) to indicate part number, the file's position in a series of files, episode number, etc. If the original extension is missing, the dotted part of the filename (.14) becomes the new extension by accident.

Also, the original extension can often simply be concealed by the operating system. In MS Windows, it is the default behavior, with the "Hide extensions..." option turned on from the box. Besides confusion, this could cause multiple security issues, so "off" is the recommended setting for that option.

Lastly, the ".14" string can actually be a normal filename extension, denoting a split archive volume file. Split archives have their contents distributed over a certain number of equally sized volumes. A .14 file can be the fourteenth (or fifteenth, if counting from zero) volume of such a split archive, assuming at least the existence of preceding 13 (or 14) volume files. With such multi-volume archives, all parts are required for successful extraction of data.

Software to open or convert 14 files

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