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What is the .1SC file type?

Primarily, the .1sc filename extension denotes the 010 Editor Script (.1sc) file type used by 010 Editor, a versatile and powerful programmer's editing tool developed by SweetScape Software and commercially released for all major platforms. Supporting both text and hexadecimal editing modes, 010 Editor allows to use binary templates and provides its own scripting engine to automate tasks.

010 Editor scripts are saved as .1sc files. Each of such files is a regular text file in 010 Editor's own syntax, very similar to the traditional C. On Microsoft Windows, 010 Editor scripts (.1sc) are saved into the "%UserProfile%\Documents\SweetScape\010 Scripts\" directory by default. The .1sc file type gets associated with 010 Editor during the program's installation.

In 010 Editor, available scripts are listed in the "Scripts" section of the Compiling options dialog; from there, all script management operations are performed. To write or edit a 010 Editor script (.1sc), any text editor can be used, including 010 Editor itself. In addition to detailed documentation on scripting, a selection of 010 Editor scripts (.1sc) is provided on SweetScape Software's website.

In the field of molecular biology, the .1sc extension is associated with the Bio-Rad Gel Doc Image (.1sc) file type. It represents Bio-Rad's proprietary file format used for saving DNA or protein gel images obtained with Bio-Rad molecular imaging units (e.g., Gel Doc XR+ Imager). Besides Bio-Rad's software, such .1sc images can be be read and processed in open-source scientific imaging programs, such as ImageJ/Bio-Formats.

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