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What is the .32 file type?

The most common occurrence of dotted numerals serving as filename extensions relates to versioned project backups made by the complex and powerful parametric CAD system Pro/Engineer by PTC. Pro/Engineer caters to a range of technology-reliant industries and areas of application and has a large user base worldwide.

As part of its workflow, Pro/Engineer routinely creates indexed (versioned) backup copies of all working project files that are currently being edited or worked with. This is done to safeguard user data and ensure traceability of changes. Here, a .32 file would be the thirty-second version of a Pro/Engineer project. Versioned project backups like .32 are handled in Pro/Engineer the same way as regular project files.

Quite differently, a dotted numerical string like .32 at the end of a filename (e.g., "Report_draft.32.docx") can easily take place of the actual extension, if it becomes missing, or appear like one, if it is hidden. On Microsoft Windows, the "Hide extensions for known file types" option in Windows Explorer should always be turned off to avoid confusion.

Apart from that, numerical extensions like .32 are also commonly assigned to split file parts created by certain file splitting/joining tools (e.g., the freeware tool Hacha). Here, the .32 file is the thirty-second part of a split file. In order to successfully a split file, all its parts must be available and not corrupted.

Software to open or convert 32 files

You can open 32 files with the following programs:
3D-Tool by 3D-Tool GmbH & Co. KG
3D-Tool by 3D-Tool

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