MPZ File Extension

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What is the .MPZ file type?

The MPZ file format was developed for Miradi, an open source software application created by Benetech and the Conservation Measures Partnership. This program helps project teams achieve their nature conservation targets.

MPZ files are typically created within the Miradi software using the Step-by-Step Interview mode including such questions as potential environmental threats, roles and responsibilities of the team members, estimated project costs, etc.

Files with an .mpz extension can be imported/exported for the purposes of archiving and data exchange. MPZ files are saved in a compressed (zipped) form to minimize storage space and make it easier to distribute projects to other practitioners around the world.

MPZ was the default file extension for project files in Miradi v.3.3.4 and earlier. Later versions of the program save data in a single file with a .miradi extension. If you import an .mpz file into Miradi version 4.0 and beyond, the program will convert it to the new file format.

Software to open or convert MPZ files

You can open MPZ files with the following programs:
Miradi by Miradi
DRA-CAD10 by 建篁EチEチEチEチE
DRA-CAD11 by 株弁E企E社建篁EチEチEチEチE

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