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What is the .MD4 file type?

The filename extension .md4 is primarily associated with the MD4 Checksum (.md4) file type. MD4 is an advanced cryptographic hashing algorithm, used for computing unique hash sequences (digests) against arbitrary blocks of digital data. Besides MD4, several other hashing algorithms are widely used for checksum generation, including its more advanced version MD5. Checksum hashes can be saved into one or more separate files, to be distributed with the data files for integrity verification purposes. By convention, each checksum file is assigned an extension matching the name of its hashing algorithm (.md4 for MD4, .md5 for MD5, etc.).

The .md4 file is a small text-based file that only contains a 128-bit MD4 checksum generated against another data file. The name of such .md4 file usually matches the one of the data file. MD4 checksums can be used to verify data integrity by a number of command-line and GUI tools on different platforms. Several file managers (also, through extensions and add-ons) can read and display MD4, MD5, SHA-1, and other hash-based checksums.

Alternatively, the .md4 extension is used to denote Media-Sammlung (media collection) files used by the Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer (Langenscheidt Vocabulary Trainer) language-learning software by Jörg-Michael Grassau. A media collection is a set of sounds (pronunciation examples, etc.) of a given language. Each collection is made up of two files, .mi4 and .md4, located in the "Program Files\Vokabeltrainer 6\Media\" directory. Both .mi4 and .md4 files use a proprietary format and cannot be opened outside Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer. Since version 7 of the software, a different format (.mpi) is used for its media collection files.

In addition to that, the .md4 extension is associated with a special proprietary 3D model file format supporting skeletal animation (MD4) that was used in Quake III, a multiplayer first-person shooter from id Software. MD4 is an advancement over id Software's earlier 3D model formats such as .md2 and .md3. Here, the .md4 file represents an animated Quake III model, defined in multiple levels of detail and rendered by the game engine during gameplay.

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