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What is the .WVE file type?

As a short for 'Wondershare Video Editor' (WVE), the .wve extension represents the Wondershare Video Editor Project (.wve) file type. WVE is a paid video editor for home users, developed by Shenzhen Wondershare Information Technology Co., Ltd. for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. WVE saves its projects as .wve files, suggesting the "%UserProfile%\Documents\Wondershare Video Editor\Projects" as the default location.

The .wve file is a normal ZIP archive, wrapping two files: "Project.dat" and "Project.xml." The .xml file inside the archive is the main XML project control file, while the .dat file stores auxiliary data in a proprietary binary format. For a .wve project to open successfully, all its referenced source clips must be available in their initial locations. Wondershare Video Editor associates itself with the .wve file type during installation, allowing to open such files with a double-click.

The .wve extension also denotes the CyberLink WaveEditor Project (.wve) file type used with CyberLink WaveEditor, a proprietary waveform audio editor for Microsoft Windows within the CyberLink Media Suite from CyberLink Corp. The .wve file is a simple text document in which references are made to external audio clips using XML-style tagged syntax. Except text, such .wve project files do not contain any other data. In order to translate a WaveEditor project (.wve) into a true audio file, the project's track must be saved as MP3, WAV, or M4A using the "Save Track As..." menu command.

Along with a number of other extensions like .dct, .mad, and others, the .wve extension is assigned to video files used in Electronic Arts games (e.g., Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri). All such files seem to use a container format very similar to Microsoft's ASF that incorporates both audio and video data. The .wve (.dct, .mad, etc.) file contains an in-game video sequence played back by the game engine when cued. Although subtle varieties of the format exist, it has been reverse-engineered, and several unofficial tools allow to extract audio/video from such .wve files, or convert them to standard formats.

Historically, the .wve extension was assigned to A-law waveform sound files (8-bit, 8 kHz) used on the Psion palmtop portable digital assistant (PDA) device for speech recording. Low-quality yet very compact, such .wve files can be played back by several media players, or converted to other formats using digital audio converter tools like sox.

Software to open or convert WVE files

You can open WVE files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Wondershare Filmora(Build)
Wondershare Filmora(Build) by Wondershare Software
CyberLink WaveEditor
CyberLink WaveEditor by CyberLink Corp.
Wondershare Video Editor(Build)
Wondershare Video Editor(Build) by Wondershare Software
WaveEditor by CyberLink Corp.

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