3GA File Extension

Have a problem opening a .3GA file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what 3GA files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .3GA file type?

3GA files are used for storage and transmission of audio data on 3G mobile devices. Based on the structure of MP4 (MPEG-4) format, they are tailored to specific requirements of cell phones and provide additional features for making bandwidth and storage requirements lower.

3GA files are associated with 3GPP file format (the .3gp file extension) developed by Third Generation Partnership Project. The difference is that .3gp files are used to store video and audio streams while .3ga files - just audio data derived from the 3GPP package.

Files saved with the 3GA extension are supported by a large number of third-generation Nokia and Samsung mobile devices. They help deliver audio for various multimedia services: for example, you can send an audio track from your smartphone to a home PC.

If you want to edit a .3ga file or open audio tracks contained in it in your favorite multimedia player that doesn't provide a direct 3GA support, you can convert your file into another audio format using freely-available software utilities.

Software to open or convert 3GA files

You can open 3GA files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
FLV and Media Player
FLV and Media Player by Applian Technologies
Media Player
Media Player by CodeTechno

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