3GPP File Extension

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What is the .3GPP file type?

".3gpp" is a misrepresentation of the .3gp filename extension, officially associated with the 3GPP Multimedia File (.3gp) format and file type. 3GPP stands for 3rd Generation Partnership Project, it is a large, well-established international mobile telephony consortium that incorporates all major software and hardware companies in the industry. In a broad sense, 3GPP refers to all GSM and CDMA based mobile telephony and the standards used in it.

A .3gp (.3gpp) file is a digital video file in the 3GPP container format. Based on Apple's MOV format, the 3GPP file format was initially designed for unreliable and relatively slow cellular networks, prioritizing error correction and compression ratio over quality. It is the standard format for video clips (.3gp) captured and saved by mobile devices.

Most mobile devices can natively play .3gp (.3gpp) files. A dozen major media players fully support playback of 3GPP videos out-of-the-box, yet Windows Media Player fails to play 3GPP files without prior installation of the 3GP codec. A number of converters, both online and standalone, support the conversion of .3gp files into other popular multimedia formats like MP3, AVI, etc.

Software to open or convert 3GPP files

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