ZW9 File Extension

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What is the .ZW9 file type?

The .zw9 filename extension belongs to a series of indexed extensions used by EPLAN Electric P8, a major Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software system from EPLAN Software & Service GmbH. Extensions like .zw[n], with [n] being a digit, are used in EPLAN for project files of different types (e.g., .zw1 denotes a circuit diagram). The .zw9 extension is specifically associated with the EPLAN Basic Project (.zw9) file type and format.

In EPLAN Electric P8, a basic project (.zw9) is similar to a project template (.ept), but additionally contains a pre-defined page structure, sample pages, master and other data. The basic project (.zw9) may be thought of as an extended project template. Both project templates (.ept) and basic projects (.zw9) are created from normal EPLAN projects (.elk) and serve as a basis for quickly creating new projects using the new-project wizard ("Project > New"). Once saved, neither project templates (.ept) nor basic projects (.zw9) can be further opened for editing. However, they can simply be re-saved with their modified versions.


Software to open or convert ZW9 files

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