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What is the .PRT file type?

As a short for 'Part,' the .prt extension has its primary association with the NX Part (.prt) file type and format. NX (also referred to as Unigraphics, UG, NX-UG) is the name of a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE system from Siemens PLM Software. NX's modeling subsystem is built upon the Parasolid geometry kernel and uses a proprietary format to save its model files. The .prt file represents a three-dimensional model of a CAD part or other object created and saved in NX. Besides being used natively in NX, NX parts (.prt) can be exported from within NX to other common CAD or 3D formats such as OBJ or STL. Additionally, NX part files (.prt) can be directly imported in other CAD/CAE systems or converted using third-party converters.

Confusingly, the .prt extension also denotes the Pro/ENGINEER Part (.prt) file type and format, with reference to the Pro/ENGINEER parametric CAD system by PTC. The .prt file represents a Pro/ENGINEER 3D part. Pro/ENGINEER part files (.prt) are saved using PTC's proprietary binary format and can be combined into assemblies (.asm). Besides Pro/ENGINEER, the same PRT format is used by PTC's Creo Parametric and Creo Elements software. Just like NX part files, Pro/ENGINEER (Creo) parts (.prt) can be directly imported in other CAD/CAE systems.

To add to the confusion, the .prt extension was also claimed by the SolidWorks Part (.prt) file type/format used by earlier versions of the SolidWorks CAD/CAE software from Dassault Systèmes. Here, too, the .prt file represented a 3D part that can be edited as a single object and combined into assemblies. To avoid file type conflict with other CAD systems, the distinct .sldprt extension was adopted to denote SolidWorks part files in recent SolidWorks releases, instead of .prt.

Corel Presentations, a commercial multimedia presentation authoring tool developed by Corel Corp. as part of the WordPerfect Office suite, claims the .prt extension for its Presentations Template (.prt) file type. The .prt file is a template that can be used in Corel Presentations to quickly create new presentations. Corel Presentations ships with a selection of presentation templates (.prt) located in the "Users\Public\Documents\WordPerfect Office\X7\Templates\Presentations" folder (Presentations X7).

Additionally, the .prt extension is associated with the CADKEY Project (.prt) file type/format that was used natively by the now-obsolete CADKEY CAD software from CADKEY Corporation (now, Kubotek USA). In a proprietary binary format, the .prt file stores an CAD project authored in CADKEY 19 or earlier. CADKEY's successor, KeyCreator Direct CAD from Kubotek USA, uses a different file format for its design files (.ckd) but continues to support CADKEY's legacy formats. Besides, CADKEY projects (.prt) can be opened with Kubotek's free Spectrum Lite viewer.

In BrainVoyager QX, an advanced cross-platform cerebral MRI analysis and visualization tool by R.Goebel, the .prt extension is used for the Stimulation Protocol (.prt) file type. In a text form, the .prt file stores a stimulation experiment protocol as a list of parameters and their respective values. Such PRT protocols are generated using the Stimulation Protocol dialog in BrainVoyager QX.

The .prt extension is also conventionally assigned to printer output files generated when the output is redirected to a file instead of a printer device by selecting the "Print to file" option in the system print dialog, especially on Microsoft Windows. Such files (.prt) can then be sent directly to the same printer device, either local or networked, against which it was generated, using output redirection or the 'lpr' command.

In Oracle Reports, a report management subsystem integrated in corporate solutions by Oracle, the .prt extension designates text-based printer definition files. Such files (e.g., hpl.prt) define page size in characters and assign printer control sequences.

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