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What is the .ICA file type?

An acronym for 'Independent Computer Architecture,' the .ica extension is chiefly associated with the Citrix ICA file type/format. Citrix is a well-established provider of proprietary application virtualization solutions such as XenApp and XenDesktop.

With those, Microsoft (MS) Windows applications can be accessed from a variety of (even non-Windows) platforms and devices. On the client end, it is done via Citrix Receiver, currently released for multiple platforms, OS'es and runtime environments.

An ICA file is a text-based connection-point file, with which one can gain access to application(-s) served via Citrix XenApp/XenDekstop. An .ica file contains all settings and credentials (if any), necessary to establish a connection with the remote application host.

Citrix ICA files use INI-like syntax and can be easily viewed and edited with a text editor. Usually, ICA files are generated with the Citrix Quick Launch (former ICA File Creator) tool. Citrix Receiver creates its own association with the ICA file type.

Alternatively, the .ica extension is also used in conjunction with the IBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) file format and the related ICA file type. IOCA is a universal proprietary bitmap image format developed by IBM as part of the broader Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) device- and application-independent document preparation and printing framework.

Technically, IOCA supports multi-page image files and is similar to TIFF and FAX. IOCA images (.ica, also .mod) can have CCITT Group 3, Group 4, MMR compression, or come uncompressed. ICA images are supported and can be displayed by multi-format image viewers (e.g., XnView, etc.).

Software to open or convert ICA files

You can open ICA files with the following programs:
Citrix Receiver
Citrix Receiver by Citrix Systems, Inc.
Citrix Receiver(USB)
Citrix Receiver(USB) by Citrix Systems, Inc.
Citrix Receiver(DV)
Citrix Receiver(DV) by Citrix Systems, Inc.
Citrix online plug-in (USB)
Citrix online plug-in (USB) by Citrix Systems, Inc.
Citrix online plug-in (DV)
Citrix online plug-in (DV) by Citrix Systems, Inc.

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