PPSX File Extension

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What is the .PPSX file type?

The .ppsx extension is associated with the proprietary 'PowerPoint Slideshow, Extended' format and the PPSX file type developed and promoted by Microsoft (MS). PPSX was introduced with MS Office 2007 as a replacement of the legacy PPS format. PPSX is XML-based and part of the controversially-standardized Office Open XML (OOXML) format framework.

PPSX is the default format for saving slideshow presentations in PowerPoint (part of MS Office). PPSX is basically a normal PowerPoint presentation document saved so that a .ppsx file would open in the slideshow mode by default, which is convenient for demonstration purposes (e.g., with a screen projector). Like all OOXML files, PPSX files are ZIP archives with structured trees of sub-directories holding all document data and resources, according to the XML-structure.

Just like with XLSX or DOCX, all document's resources can be extracted from a .ppsx file if opened with any archive manager.

Software to open or convert PPSX files

You can open PPSX files with the following programs: 

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