MSWMM File Extension

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What is the .MSWMM file type?

The .mswmm file extension is uniquely associated with the Microsoft (MS) Windows Movie Maker project format and files using that format. Windows Movie Maker is a simple linear video editing tool included with Microsoft Windows XP and available for Windows 7/8.

An .mswmm project file is a binary file and cannot be viewed directly in a text editor. MSWMM is a closed proprietary format developed by Microsoft to store clip information, transition effect data and other specifics related to a given Movie Maker project.

Like many project-type files, an .mswmm project file does not contain any media files, but holds references to them instead.

Projects made in Movie Maker under Windows XP are not fully compatible with the later edition known as Windows Live Movie Maker. It lacks many features and may not be able to open older .mswmm projects correctly. Because the older edition of Movie Maker is still runnable in Windows 7/8, it is possible to have full access to older video projects provided source media clips are in place.

Software to open or convert MSWMM files

You can open MSWMM files with the following programs: 

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