XLR File Extension

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What is the .XLR file type?

The .xlr extension goes together with the Microsoft Works Spreadsheet (XLR) file format and the associated .xlr file type. Microsoft (MS) Works was a light-weight application package by Microsoft, providing basic office functionality (word processing, spreadsheets, database) for personal/home use. MS Works was completely discontinued since 2009 in favor of MS Office. XLR was the native format of the MS Works spreadsheet component (MS Works Spreadsheets).

An .xlr file is an MS Works spreadsheet document. Since XLR is a reduced version of the XLS (MS Excel) proprietary binary spreadsheet format by Microsoft, .xlr files can be opened with MS Excel, without the need for any converter tool. An .xlr file can be opened in MS Excel by either changing the extension from .xlr to .xls, or directly through the "Open file..." dialog window.

Besides, .xlr files can be opened for viewing with the freeware MS Excel Viewer utility as well as imported in several non-Microsoft office applications that support the XLS format. Once opened/imported, an XLR document can be saved in more recent format.

Software to open or convert XLR files

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