DXR File Extension

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What is the .DXR file type?

Associated with the Adobe Director Protected Movie (DXR) file type and format, the .dxr filename extension denotes playable-only multimedia files published via Adobe Director, using a private binary format (DXR). Adobe (formerly, Macromedia) Director is a commercial rich-media authoring tool, enabling web and desktop developers to create and deliver interactive multimedia content. Along with DCR (Adobe Shockwave movie), DXR is a content-distribution format targeted at end-users.

A .dxr file is a locked (read-only) version of a DIR movie that can be played but cannot be edited. Unlike DCR, .dxr movie files are uncompressed and generally larger in size. Distributed as both standalone and projector-bundled .dxr files, DXR protected Director movies can be played through a web browser with the Adobe Shockwave Player plugin installed, or alternatively via the supplied projector executable (platform-dependent, MS Windows/Mac OS only), if present.

When distributing Adobe Director content, it is advisable to always have local copies in the DIR format, to retain the editing capability.

Software to open or convert DXR files

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