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What is the .A3D file type?

The filename extension .a3d most commonly occurs as a representation of the KOMPAS-3D 3D Assembly Model (.a3d) file type related to an original 3D model file format used in KOMPAS-3D. KOMPAS-3D is a proprietary Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Manufacturing (CAM), Engineering (CAE) solution for Microsoft Windows developed by ASCON in Russia. Similar to other CAD/CAM environments, KOMPAS-3D allows to create and visualize associative three-dimensional models of complex assemblies or structures. An .a3d file is a 3D model of an assembly created in KOMPAS-3D or imported from other 3D formats such as DXF/DWG (AutoCAD). In KOMPAS-3D, assemblies (.a3d) consist of individual parts (.m3d). KOMPAS-3D assemblies (.a3d) can be imported in other CAD/CAM or Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems that provide .a3d import filters. The .a3d file type gets pre-associated with KOMPAS-3D during the software's installation.

Differently, the .a3d extension also denotes the ArCADia 3D Presentation (.a3d) file type, with reference to the ArCADia-ARCHITEKTUR software by ArCADia BIM. ArCADia-ARCHITEKTUR is a German-language BIM tool included in the ArCADia-SYSTEM package by the same company. Working together with other architectural design products such as Autodesk Revit or GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, ArCADia software allows in particular to create realistic interactive 3D presentations of architectural designs (buildings, etc.). An .a3d file is such a 3D model created and saved in ArCADia-SYSTEM that can be viewed using the ArCADia-3D-VIEWER tool.

The open-source 3D rendering engine Alternativa3D for Adobe Flash (AlternativaPlatform) uses the .a3d extension to denote its 3D model files that can be directly read and rendered by the engine. Thanks to various add-ons and converters, 3D models for Alternativa3D can be created in different 3D content authoring environments such as Blender or others and exported as .a3d files.

Software to open or convert A3D files

You can open A3D files with the following programs:
Aurora 3D Animation Maker
Aurora 3D Animation Maker by Aurora3D Software
ArchiCAD 18 INT
ArchiCAD 19 INT

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