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What is the .EMM file type?

The filename extension .emm primarily appears in association with the MindMaple Map Document (.emm) file type, with reference to MindMaple, a graphical mind mapping tool for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and iOS from MindMaple Inc. To save mind maps, MindMaple uses its own XML-based document format as denoted by the .emm extension. An .emm file is a MindMaple mind map document. It is a regular ZIP archive with a strictly defined internal structure that fully describes the layout, look, and contents of the contained mind map. Thus, the map's layout is defined in the "map\maps\map1.xml" file, while all graphical resources are located in the "map\content" subfolder. Regular MindMaple documents (.emm) and MindMaple templates (.emmt) share the same internal format, differing only in their extensions. Both the .emm and .emmt file types are registered and pre-associated with MindMaple at the time of its installation.

In the fighting role-playing game Dragon Ball XenoVerse (Dimps; Bandai Namco Games), the .emm extension relates to the character models. A Dragon Ball XenoVerse character model is a multi-file entity, in which the .emm file is responsible for the model's materials. For example, the VTO_000_Bust.emm file provides the materials for the Vegetto (Vegito) character.

With reference to IBM EMMS (IBM Electronic Media Management System), a proprietary DRM solution for digital assets by IBM, the .emm extension is used to designate DRM-protected media files created with the IBM Digital Media Factory and intended to be viewed or played in a controlled way on a compatible user device.

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