LCK File Extension

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What is the .LCK file type?

An abbreviation for "Lock," the .lck filename extension stands for the generic Lock File (.lck) file type. A lock file (.lck) is a small service file automatically created by certain applications and operating systems for any user file actively opened by the user at the moment.

The purpose of a lock file (.lck) is to flag the "busy" status of a user file (often, a database), so as to avoid data loss or corruption in multi-user and multitasking environments where another user or process may otherwise attempt writing to the already opened file. Lock files are always created at the same location as the user files to be locked and usually borrow their filenames. The presence of a lock file "locks" the user file against all writing access, effectively making it read-only.

A lock file (.lck) may be completely empty (zero size) or contain system-level tracking information (who opened the file and when). Once the user file is closed, its corresponding lock file (.lck) is automatically removed to signal free access to the file again.

Lock files (.lck) left behind due to system errors may prevent access to user files. Such leftover lock files should be removed manually.

Software to open or convert LCK files

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