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What is the .OLS file type?

The .ols filename extension's primary association goes with the Microsoft Office List Shortcut (.ols) file type and format. In Microsoft Office, a popular commercial office productivity suite by Microsoft, such files are used in the scope of the Mail Merge feature that allows to prepare massive individually addressed and tailored mailings.

The .ols file is a shortcut that points to a combined recipient list compiled from different data sources, including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, etc. Such recipient list shortcuts (.ols) are saved in Microsoft Publisher with the "Save a shortcut to recipient list" command. By default, shortcuts (.ols) are saved in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\My Data Sources" folder, accessible in any Microsoft Office application through the "Select Data Source" dialog.

Alternatively, the .ols extension stands for the WinOLS Project File (.ols) file type and format used by the commercial WinOLS chip-tuning software from EVC Electronic GmbH. Using EVC-manufactured hardware adapters like OLS300 or BDM100, WinOLS allows to directly access engine controllers (ECU) and modify their EEPROM firmware to tweak engine performance.

WinOLS chip-tuning projects are saved as .ols files. In a proprietary format, such an .ols file contains binary data and multiple parametric maps for a specific ECU type, with reference to its vehicle make and model. WinOLS projects (.ols) can be opened and saved in WinOLS only.

Another occurrence of the .ols extension has to do with the data files saved by the Open Bench Logic Sniffer (OLS) circuit logic analyzer. Using the SUMP plaintext file format, the .ols file stores data acquired from the analyzed circuit. Along with other files, the .ols data file is packaged into a project file (.olp) which is a regular ZIP archive.

Software to open or convert OLS files

You can open OLS files with the following programs:
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office by Microsoft Corporation
2007 Microsoft Office system
2007 Microsoft Office system by Microsoft Corporation
XnView by Gougelet Pierre-e

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