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What is the .HCV file type?

The primary association of the filename extension .hcv belongs to the hotComm Sound Snippet (.hcv) file type introduced by hotComm, a commercial online conferencing and collaboration tool from 1stWorks Corporation. In hotComm, .hcv files are used to store arbitrary sound samples and pre-recorded voice messages using a proprietary audio compression format. The HCV format is specific to hotComm and serves the purpose of transferring the compressed audio data to other connected hotComm peers. All .hcv sound snippets are located in the "\USR" subdirectory of the application's installation folder. When installed, hotComm associates itself with the .hcv file type.

Apparently as an abbreviation for 'House Curve,' the .hcv extension is also associated with the Bose Modeler House Curve (.hcv) file type and format used in Bose Modeler, a premium sound system modeling and design solution from Bose Corporation. In Bose Modeler, each .hcv file would store a so-called house curve, a pre-defined chart of acoustic response at different frequencies in a given room or area. A set of premade house curve files (.hcv) was supplied on the Base Modeler installation media. In latest Bose Modeler versions (6.8), all house curve data is saved in a single database instead of individual .hcv files.

Software to open or convert HCV files

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