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What is the .ACS3 file type?

The .acs3 filename extension represents the AIMP 3 Compiled Skin (.acs3) file type associated with AIMP 3, the third generation of the popular AIMP multimedia player developed by Artem Izmaylov for Microsoft Windows. All AIMP versions support skins that are used to completely change the look-and-feel of the player's GUI. AIMP skin files are denoted with the .acs[2-4] extension where the numerical index corresponds to the version number and the underlying file format. Thus, AIMP 3 skins use the .acs3 extension, while .acs4 denotes the latest AIMP 4 skin format. A selection of quality skins (.acs3, etc.) made by different people is available for free downloading from the AIMP official website.

An .acs3 file is an AIMP 3 skin. The file itself is a compiled binary archive containing all of the skin's resources. ACS3 is a distribution-only format: to edit an .acs3 skin file, its associated project (.acs3proj) is required. ACS3 skin files are created using the SkinEditor, officially available from the AIMP developers. The .acs3 file type is pre-associated with AIMP 3 at installation.


Software to open or convert ACS3 files

You can open ACS3 files with the following programs:
AIMP3 by AIMP DevTeam
AIMP by © Habetdin
AIMP by AIMP DevTeam

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