LUA File Extension

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What is the .LUA file type?

The .lua filename extension is meant to label files related to the Lua (not LUA) programming language. Lua is a simple yet powerfull open-source C-based scripting language that is also portable, embeddable, lightweight and fast. Lua scripting has been popular in the video game industry for years and is part of well-known projects like World of Warcraft, Angry Birds etc.

Files with the .lua extension are mainly plaintext files that contain source code of a program (script) in the Lua language. Such a script can be run as an interpreted script in an environment where Lua is embedded as a scripting engine, or compiled to act as a standalone executable with the use of an ANSI C compiler. Compiled binaries can also be sometimes saved in files with the .lua extension.

The .lua extension is not associated with any application by default, but a plaintext .lua source-code file can be opened with any text editor, either standalone or within an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Many advanced text editors support syntax highlighting for .lua scripts.

Software to open or convert LUA files

You can open LUA files with the following programs:
谷歌拼音输入法 by Google Inc.
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team
PlayOn by MediaMall Technologies, Inc.

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