MXM File Extension

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What is the .MXM file type?

The MXM file extension is commonly associated with Maxwell Render software package built by Madrid-based Next Limit Technologies. It is designed to create accurate photorealistic images of 3D objects to help designers and architects evaluate how their final product would look like after its realization.

The .mxm extension is assigned to Maxwell material files that contain descriptive information required for accurate rendering. For example, an .mxm file can store a wood material with all necessary texture and light properties to create a realistic wooden surface. It is possible to build your own material definition libraries and share custom-built .mxm files among users.

Additionally, MXM files can be used by MathConnex utility added to version 7 of the Mathcad mathematical solution software. It is designed to integrate different data sources to control projects. The data references are stored in a module with the MXM file extension.

MixMeister, a popular DJ application for making and playing music mixes, may also use the MXM file extension for storing beats per minute (BPM) information for media files. Typically, such files are saved along the related MP3 audio to facilitate management of music collections.

The MXM file extension can be also assigned to workgroup message files created by some older versions of the Microsoft Project application. These .mxm files are used to transfer tasks for the projects that are currently in progress from MS Project to MS Outlook e-mail application.

Software to open or convert MXM files

You can open MXM files with the following programs:
Maxwell by Next Limit Technologies
Maxwell Studio
Maxwell Studio by Next Limit Technologies

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