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What is the .BK2 file type?

The primary association of the .bk2 extension lies with the Barcode Maker List (BK2) file type used by Barcode Maker, an all-purpose commercial barcode-generation software for Microsoft (MS) Windows by Lars Sams. Barcode Maker is used to create high-resolution images of digital machine-readable barcode labels in several output formats.

With Barcode Maker, a .bk2 file is a normal text list of data entries used for barcode generation. Such data lists can be prepared with any external text editor or office application and loaded into Barcode Maker.

BK2 files can be opened and processed by both earlier and recent versions of Barcode Maker and exported to several other formats (.xls, .txt etc.).

Standing for 'backup,' the .bk2 extension is also encountered in association with the Cashbook Complete Backup file type. Cashbook Complete is a commercial financial accounting program for MS Windows by Acclaim Software Ltd., and a .bk2 file is a versioned automatic backup copy of the currently active Cashbook database file (.cb).

In electronics design, the .bk2 extension serves to denote versioned project backup files (.bk2) in Target 3001!, a full-featured commercial printed-circuit board (PCB) layout CAD application for MS Windows by Ing.-Buero Friedrich. A binary .bk2 file is the second backup version of a Target 3001! project file.

In video game development, the .bk2 extension is an abbreviation of Bink 2 and assigned to digital video files in the proprietary Bink 2 compression format developed and introduced by RAD Game Tools. A successor to Bink, Bink 2 is positioned as a portable and fast video codec for in-game video sequences for games developed with the use of RAD software.

In MS Windows, the .bk2 extension is used to label system files created and maintained by the Windows Search indexing service. Such .bk2 files are located in the "\System Volume Information\catalog.wci" directory and are not directly accessible to the user.

Software to open or convert BK2 files

You can open BK2 files with the following programs:
Target 3001! V18 discover
Target 3001! V18 discover by Ing. Buero FRIEDRICH
Cashbook Complete
Cashbook Complete by Acclaim Software Ltd
Barcode Maker
Barcode Maker by Shareware by Lars Sams

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