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What is the .GPT file type?

The .gpt filename extension has its primary association with the GuitarPort Tone (.gpt) file/format. GuitarPort is a software-driven guitar-to-computer USB interface device designed by Line 6, Inc. for guitar players to tune their sound with a variety of easily switchable software analogs of hardware amps, effect pedals, etc. GuitarPort sound profiles are saved as tones (.gpt).

The .gpt file represents a GuitarPort guitar sound profile that includes a particular guitar amp, effect box, or other hardware setup. Tones (.gpt) can be saved and loaded to achieve a different sound or introduce an effect. Such GPT files use Line 6's proprietary format and can only be used with compatible Line 6 hardware (GuitarPort, PODxt, etc.) and software (GearBox). GuitarPort tones made and shared by users can be downloaded from the Public Tone Exchange (Customtone) online service provided by Line 6.

The .gpt extension is additionally assigned to data files generated by the MOPAC (Molecular Orbital Package) quantum chemistry software from Stewart Computational Chemistry, when the 'GRAPH' keyword is given. Such .gpt files contain electron density data and molecular orbitals in a binary format and can be converted into the ASCII form using MOPAC's unmullik tool. Both binary and ASCII .gpt files can be used with a range of other molecular chemistry software.

Altium Designer, a major Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design tool from Altium Limited, uses the .gpt extension to denote its Top Pad Master (.gpt) files. Here, the .gpt file provides a standard Gerber layout of all top-side contact pads of a PCB, generated in Altium Designer. Gerber is a unified PCB description format used in the industry, and Gerber files (.gpt, .gpb, etc.) are universally understood by the CAM equipment and can be directly used for manufacturing.

Apart from that, the .gpt extension was used to denote guitar tablature files (.gpt) created by early versions (before 3.0) of the Guitar Pro guitar studio software from Arobas Music. Since version 3.0, Guitar Pro used indexed extensions like .gp3, .gp4, while the latest Guitar Pro 6.0 version uses a new XML-based format and the .gpx extension for its tablatures.

Software to open or convert GPT files

You can open GPT files with the following programs:
Guitar Pro
Guitar Pro by Arobas Music
Reason by Propellerhead Software AB
Guitar Pro 6 Demo
Guitar Pro 6 Demo by Arobas Music
Reason Essentials
Reason Essentials by Propellerhead Software AB

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