ZW1 File Extension

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What is the .ZW1 file type?

A series of filename extensions like .zw[n], with [n] a single-digit number, belongs to the EPLAN Electric P8 electrical systems design software, part of the EPLAN Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) platform from EPLAN Software & Service GmbH. In EPLAN Electric P8, such indexed extensions denote backup files, with the index pointing out to the backup type. For instance, normal project backups receive the .zw1 extension, while symbol library backups are recognized as .zw2. Besides .zw1 and .zw2, other extensions are used for specifications, forms, etc.

The .zw1 file itself is a regular 7z (7-Zip) archive with a different extension. It serves as a compressed single-file wrapper for several directories (.fdb, .sdb, .xdb) and files (.eod, .eox) making up a complete EPLAN Electric P8 project. Equipment and systems manufacturers often provide their EPLAN Electric P8 macros or example projects as ZW1 files. Such files are not backwards-compatible and can only be opened (Project–Restore–Basic Project) in the same or a newer EPLAN Electric P8 version that was used to create them.


Software to open or convert ZW1 files

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