ALB File Extension

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What is the .ALB file type?

The .alb extension can stand for 'Album,' and ALB files are most often photographic picture albums created by any of the many available photo organizers.

ALB photo albums may be different in size and format, but they have several things in common. ALB files do not store any actual picture data, they only define album arrangement and contain metadata (such as viewing angle, brightness/color correction, label etc.) for images included in the album. ALB files reference actual image files that may be stored in several different directories - but such images must exist for the album to show.

ALB files would be automatically associated with the album management software, if installed.

Less commonly, .alb files can be used as audio album files. Such use of the .alb extension is found with Raduga, a broadcast playback sequencer by WoLoSoft. Raduga ALB files are simple playlists that contain ordered references to audio files.

In web development, the .alb extension can also be associated with .alb web design project files, created with WebEasy Professional, a commercial WYSIWYG web development tool marketed by Avanquest Software. WebEasy ALB files can be considered as project files for web pages to be generated.

In software development, the .alb extension can be associated with the Alpha Five Library (ALB) format and file type used in the commercial Alpha Five integrated development environment (IDE) by Alpha Software. Alpha Five ALB files are libraries or reusable resources available to other applications within the IDE.

The .alb extension can also be found in Album View (ALB) files used by Pro/Desktop (Pro/D), an advanced computer-assisted design (CAD) program with 3D/2D drawing capabilities developed by PTC. A Pro/D .alb file is a realistic rendering of an engineering drawing in the album view.

Software to open or convert ALB files

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