WLMP File Extension

Have a problem opening a .WLMP file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what WLMP files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .WLMP file type?

Files saved with the WLMP file extension are associated with Windows Movie Maker software application developed and supported by Microsoft Corp. It allows users to try their hand at creation of movies or slide shows using their personal photos and videos.

A .wlmp file is not an actual movie file. It is used to store information about your project - for example, the paths to the photos you want to use. Consider a .wlmp file as a "recipe" for making a delicious dessert: it includes a list of ingredients and baking instructions, but it is not the final product.

When all modifications have been approved and the movie is ready, WLMP files are commonly saved in the MP4 file format. It allows users to open the created video in various media players, burn it to DVDs, publish on social networks or upload to YouTube or Vimeo services.

Since a WLMP file does not contain any multimedia data, you may run into difficulties when trying to access it outside of Windows Movie Maker. You can use a WLMP video converter to change the file format of the necessary WLMP files.

Software to open or convert WLMP files

You can open WLMP files with the following programs: 

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