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What is the .ASC file type?

The main association of the .asc extension belongs to the ActionScript Communication File (ASC) format and the respective file type. ActionScript (AS) is an object-oriented scripting programming language based upon ECMAScript. Functionally, AS is very close to JavaScript. Developed by Adobe (initially, Macromedia), AS is used as a scripting platform for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Flex, and Adobe AIR.

Unlike regular client-side ActionScript files (.as), an .asc file is a program (script) written in the Server-Side ActionScript language, a version of AS specifically developed for server-side scripting and equivalent to JavaScript 1.5. Server-Side AS supports server-side code execution for Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS) applications.

An .asc file is a text-based file that contains JavaScript source code. Such server-side ASC script files can also have the .js extension.

In the area of digital data security, the .asc extension relates to the ASCII Armored (ASC) file type and format. The ASC format was introduced by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), the first asymmetric encryption tool for desktop computers.

Now, ASC is a standard cryptographic format used by a number of PGP-compatible encryption utilities for their key and digital signature files, encrypted messages and files, etc. An .asc file contains encrypted data represented by standard ASCII printable symbols inside a standard PGP message envelope. ASC files can be safely sent by e-mail.

The .asc extension also serves as a label for plaintext ASCII files that contain only printable ASCII characters and can be opened, viewed and edited in any text editor. The ASCII character set is the most compatible way to render text-based information.

With reference to Autodesk, the .asc extension is employed to identify Autodesk ASCII export files. An .asc file like this is a representation of an Autodesk CAD project exported into a special text-based ASCII format. Such ASC files are mainly used to exchange CAD data among otherwise incompatible CAD applications.

With LTspice—a fast and powerful free SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) simulator by Linear Technology Corp. used to design, model and test electronic circuits—the .asc extension denotes LTspice circuit drawing files. Such LTspice .asc drawings are text-based definitions of circuit schematics, defining interconnections, circuit elements, notes, etc.

Finally, the .asc extension can come bound up with the FormTrap Load (ASC) file type and format. FormTrap is a GUI-based form and report design tool for MS Windows by TCG Information Systems. A FormTrap load file (.asc) is a compressed archive that contains all project's forms, statements and settings. ASC files can be either PCL or PostScript.

Software to open or convert ASC files

You can open ASC files with the following programs:
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Flash CS3 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Flash CS4
Adobe Flash CS4 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Flash by Macromedia

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