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What is the .RBS file type?

The .rbs extension is primarily associated with the Scrambled Ruby File (.rbs) file type and format used with SketchUp, a well-known visual design tool from Trimble Navigation (formerly, Google). RBS is a special code scrambling format developed for those authors who want to distribute their SketchUp extensions under restrictive licenses without releasing the source code. Unlike normal Ruby files (.rb) which are plaintext, the .rbs files are not human-readable. Generated by the Ruby Scrambler tool, such .rbs files are automatically unscrambled upon loading in SketchUp. There are several unofficial tools that allow to decrypt scrambled SketchUp Ruby files (.rbs).

Additionally, the .rbs extension represents the Windows Installer Rollback Script (.rbs) file type and Microsoft's proprietary file format developed for their Windows Installer software deployment technology. During installation of any software that uses Windows Installer, a hidden rollback directory ("CONFIG.MSI") that contains both rollback scripts (.rbs) and rollback files (.rbf) is created on the system volume or elsewhere.

The .rbs file contains an auto-generated script of actions required to completely revert the installation in progress, should it be canceled by the user. After the installation is complete, the "CONFIG.MSI" directory and all its contents should be automatically removed by the installer. Leftover "CONFIG.MSI" folders and the .rbs/.rbf files therein are generally safe to delete.

The .rbs extension also stands for the Reflection Basic Script (.rbs) file type used with AttachmateWRQ Reflection, a proprietary scripting platform for Unix-based operating systems from Attachmate Corp. Reflection Basic is a dialect of the BASIC programming language, and the .rbs file contains a Reflection Basic script (a macro) that can be loaded and executed in Reflection. Such scripts (.rbs) are saved in plain text and can be opened and modified in a text editor.

In the area of electronic music, the .rbs extension is known for its association with the ReBirth RB-338 Song File (.rbs) file type/format developed by Propellerhead Software for their early software-based sound synthesizer ReBirth RB-338. The .rbs file is a musical composition in the RB-338 format, playable in the ReBirth RB-338 software or with several general-purpose multimedia players that support this format.

Another occurrence of the .rbs extension relates to the RastrWin VBScript Macro (.rbs) file type, with reference to RastrWin, a commercial Russian electrical engineering design and analysis program for Microsoft Windows. In RastrWin, a plaintext .rbs file contains the code of a VBScript macro.

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