R00 File Extension

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What is the .R00 file type?

The .r00 extension belongs to the filename extension pattern R[XX] associated with the WinRAR/RAR Archive Volume (.r00, .r01, etc.) file type. RAR refers to both an efficient data compression format, and a cross-platform CLI-based tool to handle RAR archives. A GUI-based version of RAR, WinRAR is a popular commercial archive manager for Microsoft Windows. WinRAR supports a number of archive formats and can create/process split archives.

A split RAR archive volume is a fixed-size file in a series of several such files, constituting a larger multi-file archive. Such archive volumes are always created/processed in an ordered fashion.

An .r00 file is the second actual volume in a series of RAR archive volumes, the first volume having the name [filename].rar. All .r[xx] files within a sequence have the same size, with the possible exception of the last file (smaller).

Archive volume files like .r00, .r01, etc. can be processed by WinRAR and other RAR-compatible archive managers. For successful extraction of data in a multi-volume archive, all volumes must be present in the same directory.

Software to open or convert R00 files

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