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What is the .FTF file type?

The .ftf filename extension primarily denotes the SonyEricsson Xperia Firmware Archive (.ftf) file type used with the Android-based Xperia series of SonyEricsson smartphone devices. The .ftf file is a SonyEricsson Xperia firmware update package. It is a large (typically, over 1 Gb) ZIP archive with a set of standard firmware image files in the proprietary SIN format. For instance, the "kernel.sin" file is the core kernel image, while "system.sin" is the image of the root filesystem (ext4).

Official FTF packages can be directly used to update firmware in SonyEricsson Xperia mobile devices. Besides, there are several unofficial tools (e.g. Flashtool) that allow to decompose SIN images, modify their contents, build and compile custom kernels, and create custom FTF packages. Using unofficial firmware requires a modified loader, may pose security risks, and immediately voids warranty.

Alternatively, the .ftf extension stands for the FORTE Template File (.ftf) file type and format used with the FORTE music notation software commercially published by Lugert Verlag GmbH. The .ftf file is a music score template saved in FORTE's native proprietary format which is also used for saving regular notation files (.fnf). Such FTF templates can be opened and used only in FORTE.

Software to open or convert FTF files

You can open FTF files with the following programs:
FORTE 7 - Basic Edition
FORTE 7 - Basic Edition by Lugert Verlag
FORTE 8 - Premium Edition
FORTE 8 - Premium Edition by Lugert Verlag
Forte - Free Edition
FORTE 6 - Basic Edition
FORTE 6 - Basic Edition by Lugert Verlag

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