ASEC File Extension

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What is the .ASEC file type?

The .asec extension is used in the Google Android operating system to denote the Android Secure Application (.asec) file type/format. Built around the Linux kernel, Google Android is open-source and vastly popular as the choice OS for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

In Android, applications are usually installed as .apk (application package) files into the device's internal memory. However, all recent versions of Android also allow to install applications on external storage volumes such as SD cards, creating secure application (.asec) files.

A secure application (.asec) is an .apk application placed inside an encrypted block device volume. An .asec file is a dm-crypt volume image, mounted and transparently decrypted on demand.

All ASEC files on an SD card are bound to a specific phone/tablet and cannot be opened or run on another device. It is generally safe to delete any leftover .asec files on external storage, if the corresponding applications were uninstalled earlier.

On a computer, ASEC files can be accessed from within an Android emulator such as Google Android SDK.

Software to open or convert ASEC files

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