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What is the .ICC file type?

The .icc extension directly stands for ICC, the International Color Consortium, and is primarily associated with the ICC Color Profile file format and file type. The IC Consortium strives to define a universal way of achieving and maintaining color consistency among different hardware devices, operating systems and user environments. To this end, ICC color profiles are used.

An ICC color profile (an .icc file) is a small (several kilobytes) binary file with device-specific color space and adjustment data. Application of ICC profiles allows to perform adjustment of color data among monitors, scanners, image editing software and printers to ensure that a user's image will have the same look across such devices. ICC profiles also allow color space conversion (e.g., RGBA into CMYK etc.).

ICC files are normally loaded by the operating system for each color-capable device. Monitor, scanner and printer driver software includes .icc and/or .icm color profiles. Custom ICC profiles can be made and saved as .icc files through a color calibration procedure, either with or without a hardware colorimeter.

ICC profile files are system-independent and can be used on any platform that supports color management and can often be embedded into image files. Most desktop environments provide system-specific color settings wizards that can open and apply ICC profiles.

Differently, the .icc extension can also be associated with the Icon Collection (ICC) file format and file type, denoting icon collection files used by ArtIcons, IconLover and other commercial icon-related software by Aha-Soft.

IconLover ICC files use a proprietary format and contain a series of bitmap icon images. Such icon collection files are meant to be opened with ArtIcons (IconLover etc.), which associates with the ICC file type upon installation (Windows).

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