AVRGCCPROJ File Extension

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What is the .AVRGCCPROJ file type?

The file type represented by the verbose .avrgccproj filename extension is Atmel 5.x Legacy AVR GCC Project (.avrgccproj) associated with Atmel Studio 5.0 and earlier versions. Atmel Studio is a free-to-use proprietary Integrated Development Environment (IDE) released by Atmel Corporation for Microsoft Windows as a primary tool for programming Atmel AVR microcontrollers and Atmel SMART ARM-based devices.

An .avrgccproj file is a C or C++ programming project for an Atmel AVR chip created in Atmel Studio 5.0 or earlier and intended to be compiled using the GCC reference compiler adapted for the AVR platform (aka AVRGCC). Since Atmel Studio 5.1, all GCC project files (including AVR GCC projects) have received a different extension (.cproj). In Atmel Studio 5.0 and later, GCC projects (.avrgccproj, .cproj) are combined in solutions acting as containers for multiple projects. Legacy AVR GCC projects (.avrgccproj) can be successfully imported to a solution created in Atmel Studio 5.1 or later by deleting any existing references within the solution and re-importing after manually changing the project's extension from .avrgccproj to .cproj.


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